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Children's Blackout Blinds

by David Owen

All our Blinds have the option of a blackout lining. To choose a blind select a fabric of your choice from the fabric collections on the left hand menu.

Why Blackout Blinds?

All the blinds have the added option of having the blackout lining attached to them. I feel this is a must for any child’s bedroom and especially Baby’s bedroom, as essential as the nappies!

The Blackout Lining I use is of an extremely high standard which ultimately blocks out 99% of the light, obviously there will be a margin of light down the sides of the blind as it has to raise up and down.

They are also really useful if your child has a nap in the afternoon. As your child grows older you’ll also find blackout blinds useful in Summer evenings when it stays lighter for longer and the children want to stay up later.

Child Safety

All the Blinds come with a cord lock which encases the plastic chain so there are no free hanging cords which if a child was left unattended could possibly cause harm.

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How the Blinds are made

All the blinds are made to your own specifications and sizes, they are hand finished to a high standard and are ready to hang on our easy fit brackets. I prefer to hand sew using discrete stab stitches on the face of the fabric rather than lines of machine stitching. This allows the blind to hang better and also when using the blackout lining the number of stitching holes is kept to a minimum.

The Blinds are supplied on a metal track with a ratchet mechanism rather like the ones you would see on a roller blind. There are no cords involved or cleats to fit on the wall.

Roman Blinds or Curtains?

All the fabrics can be made into Curtains or Roman Blinds. Roman Blinds are very neat and minimalist and if you only have a small Nursery or Bedroom they fit closely against the wall whereas curtains can sometimes bunch out. Curtains however can prehaps dress a window more as there is more fabric visible. Another combination would be a Roman Blind and Dress Curtains. If you would like to discuss any furthetr options please do not desitate to get in touch on 0113 3910468. or e-mail at